WATCH: Neymar Shows America some “Real Football” in Super Bowl Ad



Brazilian star Neymar reignited the classic ‘soccer vs football’ debate last night with his guest endorsement in Taco Bell’s Superbowl advert.

Appearing briefly in the commercial (0:19), Neymar steps up and strikes what he describes bluntly as a “real football”.

It’s probably just as well that the Barcelona forward wasn’t pressed too much by the fast-food company to provide a great deal on the topic; his English rhetoric is hardly up to debating standard:



‘Soccer fans’ in America have welcomed Neymar’s message with open arms as he continues his rise in fame ahead of the Copa America, set be held in the United States this year.

Super Bowl adverts cost on average $5 million per 30 seconds so it certainly pays to be memorable or controversial if you want to stand out. Perhaps Taco Bell should’ve just let John Cleese let loose if they really wanted to antagonise American Football fans!