Andrea Pirlo may just have royally p***ed off Man U fans with this snub

Sharon Wong

Ser Andrea

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A lesser man than Andrea Pirlo would not have gotten away with this. As things stand now, we’re not even sure Andrea Pirlo himself emerged unscathed in the public eye. This two-time winner of the Champion’s League, six-time winner of Serie A and World Cup superstar had a lot to say when asked about his Premier League dream team. If you’re a fan of Man U, brace yourself. He’s not here to make you happy.

While Andrea Pirlo has never played in England, he’s worked with many players who have and is quite familiar with many Premier League players. So you can rest assured that he knew what he was talking about when he named no less than five footballers from Manchester City and… zero from United.


In fact, he was so enamored of the City players that even other top tier clubs barely got a peep in. He named three Arsenal players, two from Chelsea and one from Liverpool in total. However, even the chilliest of nods is better than the resounding absence of any form of recognition for the boys at Man U. Is there any coming back from that?

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