Tiger Woods Claims To Officially Hate Golf In Startling New Confession

Sharon Wong


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Is Tiger Woods truly done with golf for good? One moment, we’re hearing about his injuries in grim detail and the next, we get an announcement that he’s thinking of competing in the next Ryder Cup. But nothing kills hope like hearing the man tell it himself. In an interview with Time Magazine, Woods admitted that he doesn’t actually like golf anymore. Yep, that thing that made him famous before all the scandal? He can barely bring himself to watch it and certainly not with the sound on.

“I can’t remember the last time I watched golf. I can’t stand it. Unless one of my friends has a chance to win, then I like watching it. I watched Jason [Day] win the PGA. But it was on mute. It was always on mute and I have some other game on TV.”

It’s just as well that he hates it anyway. After his back surgery, he can barely stomach more physical exertion than a daily ten-minute walk on the beach. It’s no real surprise then that he’s unwilling to undergo another operation to placate his adoring fans with a triumphant return.

“I know that, one, I don’t want to have another procedure. And two, even if I don’t come back and I don’t play again, I still want to have a quality of life with my kids. I started to lose that with the other surgeries.”

We too think it would be a good call for him to focus his energies on the family and maybe even a little reconciliation. After all, we’ve heard tell that he and ex-wife Elin Nordegren are “best friends”.