There’s a new job just waiting for Tiger Woods, but does he hate golf too much to take it?

Sharon Wong

Source: Debbie Wong/USA TODAY Sports

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So you’ve no doubt heard that Greg Norman recently lost his job at Fox Sports. He just wasn’t making the cut as an analyst for all the golf watchers out there and he’s left some pretty big shoes to fill. Now that the buzz is all on who’s going to succeed him, Golf Digest has come up with an article proposing five replacements. Among them was Tiger Woods, the man who recently said that he couldn’t stand golf.

Of course, one should preferably like golf to analyze it as a profession. But Golf Digest decided to nominate Tiger anyway. because he fit some other crucial criteria that Greg Norman was sorely lacking. Apparently, to be a good announcer, one must have:

  • Golf knowledge
  • First-hand experience, especially at winning the major being covered.
  • Candor
  • Original thinking
  • A pleasing delivery, with a sense of humor as a bonus 

Let’s see how they explained Woods’ suitability for the position, based on the listed qualities above.

“[Tiger Woods] has always been at his most comfortable and very best when talking about golf, which until further notice, remains in his lifeblood. We got a strong indication of that last month during his perceptive stint at the booth of the Hero Challenge, which occurred in the midst of an injury-induced transitional public moment when he showed a willingness to step into elder statesman mode. A Woods freed from his self-imposed competitive straightjacket commands the same authority and attention as Nicklaus. It’s highly doubtful he’s ready for such a move yet, but Woods has been full of surprises lately.”

And indeed Tiger Woods has been full of surprises. But coaching Michelle Wie on her short game for a day is one thing, committing to a full-time position at a broadcasting station is another. Certainly, it will take time away from his goals to rest his back and spend more time with his kids. On the other hand, we do think that Golf Digest has a point. He does have the know-how, in-depth knowledge of the game and personality to shine through on television. Plus, he has something Greg Norman and the other nominees will never possess: a household name that will draw a multitude of new viewers for Fox Sports, some of whom would never otherwise have watched golf in the first place.

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