Will Jensen Take His Second Chance To Deliver On The “Assassins Pact” With Hai?

After a one week break for the North American scene, Week Six of the NA LCS is right around the corner. The highly anticipated rematch between Cloud9 and FlyQuest eSports is perhaps less of a spectacle given the two team’s recent slump in form, but the potential for a fiery assassins encounter between Mid laners Hai “Hai” Du Lam and Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen sets the series up for vengeance. 

These teams last went head to head at the end of Week Four in a climactic series filled with twists and turns. As Riot unveiled their intriguing new “Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool”, old-school Cloud9 fans rejoiced as the rift was flooded with iconic players from years gone by. The narrative of the master and the apprentice promised to deliver blood in the Mid lane… until Jensen decided to break the assassins pact, much to Hai’s disgust.

Jensen, the Cloud9 mid laner, is one of the focus points for the upcoming rematch against FlyQuest.
Source: Riot Games Flickr

Jensen initially referred to himself as the Hai’s replacement, making firm statements that he would prove himself as the superior mid laner, a feat that would be immensely satisfying to obtain.

“It’d be pretty embarrassing if I were to lose to Hai because I was kinda the guy who replaced Hai and, y’know, I’m here for a reason.”

Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen

The series certainly lived up to the hype, especially due to how close the final game really was. Cloud9 may have taken away the victory, but FlyQuest could just as easily have taken the series. As promised, Hai stepped onto the rift with his trademark Zed for the final game of the series… Jensen failed to deliver however, cowering behind a safe Zilean pick. After the series was over, Daerek “LemonNation” Hart took to Twitter and mentioned the apparent promise made by Jensen.

“I would hope that Jensen picks an assassin next time instead of, y’know, three back line mages – seems kinda scared.”

Hai ‘Hai’ du Lam

Hai, the FlyQuest mid laner, is another focus point for the upcoming rematch against Cloud9.
Source: Riot eSports Flickr

With the rematch on the doorstep, fans will be eager to see whether FlyQuest will settle the score with Cloud9. With both teams entering the match looking for a rebound after two disappointing weeks for respective rosters, chances are that the games will be even more chaotic than usual.

Fans will be hoping for an explosive match with high kill potential champions utilised by the two Mid laners. Given the high levels of publicity the players unspoken vow has received, it’s easy to see Jensen picking an assassin if Hai should bait him once again by locking his famous Zed.

Regardless of whether Jensen follows through with the assassin pact, the Cloud9 v FlyQuest rematch is sure to be a dynamic series to bear witness to – a decisive series for both sides as rivals Team SoloMid begin their surge in the second half of the split.

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