Did Koscielny Go Too Far With His Latest Arsenal Comments?

Yesterday, we had the highly controversial comments from Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, and today it seems to be the turn of Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny.

Source: The Guardian
Source: The Guardian

The French international was spouting out the usual cliche drivel about what an honour it was to captain Arsenal:

But let’s take a look at what the centre-back really meant in his latest interview with France Football…

“It’s more pride. It was the first time in the league. I’d already had the armband in the Cup against Sunderland and then Burnley, but this honour doesn’t add more pressure”

Translation: “It fucked me off only getting the armband for the FA Cup games. What even is a Burnley? I’ll be honest, I felt more pressure last night when deciding what to have for dinner; I went for corned beef hash.”

“I believe every player has an important role to play in a team and he needs to fulfil it.”

Translation: “I’m fed up with Calum Chambers. I’m starting to think Arsene is purposefully trolling me”

“However, this armband will remain something important in my career. Legends like Tony Adams or Thierry Henry wore it before me. That’s not nothing!”

Translation: “You lot better remember the name, Laurent Koscielny”

“The fans didn’t know me. I could feel it. I arrived on my tiptoes. Wenger had spent around £10m on my transfer, but I never had problems fitting in,”

Translation: “‘Who the fuck is he?” I could hear the fans saying. “Who the fuck are you?” I thought. It still surprises me how cheap Arsenal got me for”

“At the time, there were way more French players at the club. I was close to Sagna, Clichy and Squillaci, who helped me adapt.”

Translation: “I wish I was at Manchester City with Bacary and Gael.”