Should LvG Be Worried As Man United Legend Opts For Spurs Man?

Safe to say that Manchester United’s post-Fergie era has gone about as well as the Titanic…

Source: Titanic
Source: Titanic

…with the out of his depth David Moyes and current comedy character, Louis van Gaal, failing to maintain the ridiculous standards that Sir Alex Ferguson somehow obtained – most expected a few hiccups for the Red Devils, but not quite the full meltdown the club seems unable to stop.

Given the current rumours surrounding the future of LvG and the regular volatile press conferences that the Dutchman gives, he won’t be best pleased to hear about Sir Alex’s latest soundbite.

David Lammy, Member of Parliament for Tottenham, revealed on the The Spurs Show podcast: “I’m going to let you into a secret. About six weeks ago I sat next to Sir Alex Ferguson at a dinner in support of grassroots football abroad.

“He said to me ‘I think you guys have got the best manager in the Premier League.’”

Pochettino has recently emerged as a top target for the Old Trafford powers that be, due to his impressive work in turning Spurs from a regular segment on Comedy Central into Premier League title challengers.

Pochettino fits the calibre of a man that the Red Devils should be targeting; a manager on the up, a manager who plays football the right way, a manager who wants to build a legacy and a manager who doesn’t do this:


Remember, though, politicians are always annoyed that they only get 24 hours a day to lie.