Slow Play Will Now Cost European Tour Players How Much?

  • The European Tour is cracking down on it’s players for slow play
  • It will now cost them £2,000 if they are penalized 
Chief referee John Paramor will be on the lookout for players playing too slowly

The European Tour announced that it will begin its crackdown on slow play at this week’s Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship. It seems like the European Tour is making a few changes, as they are now allowing the professionals to wear shorts during practice rounds. Could we possibly see shorts worn during the tournaments soon, as well?

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The new ruling for slow play allows officials to enforce a “monitoring penalty” on players who remain behind the pace of play in an agreement to trim 15 minutes from a round of golf in European Tour events. The officials will now be riding around with the groups, to keep a closer eye on them and enforce the new rule.

Always watching..
Always watching..

Any player who exceeds the time permitted for a stroke, 50 seconds for those who play first and 40 seconds for the rest of the group, will be issued said penalty. If a player is given two penalties, they will be fined £2,000 (about $2,800), and the fine will double with each additional penalty.

That’s a lot of money to dish out for playing slowly, but it will definitely encourage those players to speed up their game.


Kieth Pelley, the new Chief Executive Officer, said this is “the first step” when describing this weeks plans. He went on to say, “Our new policy will help identify the slow players and will allow our faster players, who have never had a problem, to feel less pressured by the rules officials.

“We believe this measure will help keep groups in position on the golf course and, in doing that, shave up to 15 minutes per group per round. This will help make golf more appealing and engaging to our fans, both at the course itself or watching on television.”


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