Kai Rooney Delivers His Dad The Ultimate Insult

Wayne Rooney’s son, Kai…

…is clearly a glutton for punishment.

We understand that you can’t choose your family but you do have 100% control over which football team you will pledge your allegiance to.

Aston Villa, really?!

The Villains official Twitter account was quick to pick up on the most exciting thing that has happened to the club this season:


Rumours are that Remi Garde is considering a loan move for Wayne Rooney’s son given the fact that *enter Villa’s 25-man squad* are fucking useless.

Word of advice, though, Wayne; you may want to get a parental lock on the family computer, unless you want to be fielding such questions as: “Why are you such a meanie, Daddy??”




Although I’d be proud if my old man could play a ball like this…