WATCH: Jamie Vardy Smashes Up Fifa 16 Conference with Headbutt

If you’re one of the many sceptics who think that Vardy is more ‘headcase’ than ‘footballing genius’, then you’ll want to cite this video to support that claim!

Evidently disgruntled by the inaccuracy of the original ratings, Vardy opted to obliterate the Ultimate Team card with a solid headbutt:



Few could have predicted Jamie Vardy’s record-breaking goal-scoring contribution to the Foxes’ title push; not even the keen statisticians at EA Sports.

The game company behind FIFA 16, have moved to revise the rating they assigned to Vardy at the start of the season; unveiling their update at a promotional press conference.

Vardy, posing with teammate Riyad Mahrez, was asked to hold two cards. One displayed his old FIFA ratings and the other showed the updated version – his abilities now ranking him as a ‘gold player’ within the Ultimate Team game mode.