WATCH: 5 ‘Truly Cheeky’ Freekick Techniques

Philippe Coutinho’s cheeky free-kick against West Ham in the FA Cup fourth-round replay at Upton Park has reignited the nations passion for a clever set-piece.



Place ball. Run-up. Scuff ball into the wall. Repeat. It’s become far too common a formula in modern football!



Thank goodness for risk-takers like Coutinho who aren’t afraid of looking like a fool when there’s a chance for glory. But Coutinho is far from being the cheekiest freekick renegade in the game – far from it – as the following top 5 indicates!


5. Laura Bassett

A classic this one! Pretend you messed it up before slotting it home whilst your opponent regroups:



4. Earnie Hunt and the Donkey Kick

Disappointingly, this move was outlawed shortly after Coventry City unveiled it vs Everton!



3. Nice B’s with some Cheeky Defending

Bizarre clip this one, proving that you can be cheeky in defence as well as attack!


2. Which one will it be?

This must’ve been an absolute nightmare to defend against – surprised the keeper didn’t run over the ball too!


1. The Delights of Japanese High School Football

Not sure what’s more impressive: the routine or the turnout for a High School football match!



Honourable Mentions

No ‘Cheeky’ freekick compilation would be complete without these two clips featuring somewhere:



And for when the complexity of the routine is just too much for you…