Arsenal Cult Hero Set For Premier League Return With Sunderland

Nothing epitomises Arsenal’s post-Invincible years more than Emmanuel Eboue; a period for the club full of embarrassment and despair, mixed in with the odd moment of glory, but ultimately frustration for the fans and amusing memes for everyone else.

Source: Metro
Source: Metro

Despite all of Eboue’s flaws – and there were plenty – Arsenal fans took him to their hearts, even singing to rival fans: “You’re only here to see Eboue”.

The amusing fan chant could very well soon be adopted by the Sunderland faithful, with the right-back currently training with the Blacks Cats having been without a club since the summer.

If Big Sam does sign the Ivorian defender, what exactly is he letting himself in for?

Unorthodox Warm-up Methods


Pretending to be fluent in Korean


The Odd Screamer

Clearly a man for the big stage after this rocket against Real Madrid in the Champions League.


Weak Banter (Or Great Depending On Your Viewpoint)

Emmanuel Adebayor recalls a time where…well, just read it:

“It was at Gilberto’s house. It wasn’t even a fancy dress party, but there was Eboué, dressed as a tiger with a tail and everything waiting for me behind the door. When I arrived, he made a big noise like a tiger roaring. For a moment I was in a big panic but then I saw him and I thought, Oh its only Eboue’.”

Source: U Funk
Source: U Funk


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