Sergio Busquets to become the Worst Diver in the Premier League


Reports emerged today that Manchester City have made contact with Sergio Busquets’ representatives about a potential reunion with Pep Guardiola at the Etihad next season.

Whilst City are yet to make a formal offer, their move is seen as a ‘signal of intent’ to the Spainish international, providing he wants to leave Barcelona to join former boss Guardiola in Manchester.

Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu has supposedly promised Busquets a renew contract to reward him for his consistent performances, yet the Barcelona veteran is yet to receive an offer.


Source: Blogspot
Source: Blogspot


A potential move for the experienced ‘holding-midfielder’ has excited the imagination of many Manchester City fans, but has left more than a few sceptics groaning at the prospect of more play-acting within the English game.

An incredibly frustrating player to watch at times, Sergio Busquets has a terrible reputation for diving and seeking to unfairly gain an advantage.



Still dreaming of the day when Mr. T gets his hands on Sergio…



If Busquet’s is to don the crown of thorns that comes with the title King of the Divers, he will have to usurp the Premier League’s current heirs to the throne… for the basis of this metaphor we’ll say that Suarez was the former King; see it works!


Ashley Young



The Manchester United winger has a notorious reputation for diving, fortunately this is now working against him. Karma has caught up to Ashley Young who is now often penalised for actual fouls committed against him due to his past theatrics!


Adnan Januzaj


Two Manchester United players in the running for the diving throne… despicable!


Diego Costa


Busquets will face stiff competition from Diego Costa, who’s taste for the theatrics within football is almost farcical.


Would Sergio Busquets’ introduction to the Premier League be bad for the English game?