Jack Nicklaus is surprisingly ok with dying poor and destitute

Sharon Wong

Source: Getty Images

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We are always talking about what golfers could do with the vast sums they earn, but we admit there’s little we can offer someone like Jack Nicklaus, who’s totally ok with getting rid of all his money… eventually. At the age of 76, the one-time superstar golfer is now a businessman with multiple companies dealing in ice-cream, lemonade, fine wine and of course, golf equipment. Despite his illustrious golfing career and very successful turn at entrepreneurship, he has apparently never given a damn about the dough.

“It’s not about money for me, I think I passed most of my part of the company off to the kids years ago. I don’t mind dying penniless right now — but just not right now,” he told CNN in his wry way.

So why’s he still going at his business like a man half his age? It seems it’s all for a worthy cause. A percentage of his profits goes to children’s healthcare, a cause he became passionate about after his oldest daughter almost choked on a crayon as a child. He also donates millions of dollars to a children’s hospital and multiple other charities, including one that catered to the victims of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina.

But he’s not doing it all entirely for the good of humanity. Being from a family of German descent, he’s not one to waste away his twilight years in idleness. He’s known for saying, “Most people work all their life to retire to play golf — I played golf all my life to retire to work.”

Tiger Woods, whose 14 major wins come the closest to Nicklaus’ 18, might want to try emulating his predecessor’s approach to retirement, seeing as the end of his own career is nigh.