Will Ferrell Apologies For “Getting Jose Mourinho Fired”

  • Will Ferrell joked about Jose Mourinho’s sacking.
  • The manager was sitting in the audience during Ferrell’s GQ Awards speech.

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Will Ferrell has always downplayed his support for Chelsea but that didn’t stop him from having a cheeky dig. The comedy legend joked about Mourinho’s managerial style – calculated boring and negative – in a speech he gave at the GQ Awards.

He quipped: “Keep playing defence, man. Seven guys in the box, I love it. I love it.” 

Ferrell, who has recently become a co-owner of LA Galaxy, appeared on ‘Men in Blazers’ to promote ‘Zoolander 2’ but also talked football with the irritating British duo.

“I feel horribly guilty because I feel like I had a hand in getting Jose Mourinho fired,” he explained on the Men In Blazers show. “I’m so sorry. I was just trying to make a joke because I really actually admire the guy.”

Commenting on his role as co-owner; “I’m going to be cold and distant, and show up at very inopportune times, and shout, berate players in the middle of games, that sort of thing,” he joked.

Check out the video in full, well worth a watch.