High Profile Club Suspends Players Over Failed Casino Heist

Yep, you read that title correctly.

…however, it’s safe to say it won’t be the basis for the next Oceans film that they will no doubt churn out – not sure how easy it is to rob a casino whilst pushing George Clooney/Danny Ocean around in a wheelchair.

Three unnamed Hannover youth players were behind the plans to rob the casino, however, they didn’t even make it to the front door following a rather foolish error. The police were alerted to the trio after they parked up in the ‘no-waiting’ section outside the front of the casino. Rookie.

They’d clearly done their research of Hollywood movies, though, with the car kitted out with fake number plates and the footballers had the required balaclava for anyone attempting a robbery. It didn’t end there, with German outlet Bild even suggesting the bunch of likely lads had a gun!

Lol it’s Drake.

Can’t blame the lads for trying it, though, because they’re reportedly only on €1500-a-month, and no footballer should be forced to live on €18000-a-year like so many of the world’s population?.

All that remains to be said, is that if the players weren’t planning on saying: “Hannover all your money” then they may have well not even attempted the heist in the first place.