Ronaldo Still Reeling From Boulahrouz Horror Tackle

  • Retired Footballer Khalid Boulahrouz has revealed his feelings towards Ronaldo.
  • The pair clashed at the 2006 World Cup last 16 between the Netherlands and Portugal.
  • Ronaldo left the field injured after a horror tackle from defender Boulahrouz.


ronaldo injured


Now retired, former Chelsea and Hamburg defender, has refused to apologise for his horrendously high tackle on Cristiano Ronaldo during the 2006 World Cup match between the Netherlands and Portugal.

In a last 16 tie of the international competition, which would later be nicknamed The Battle of Nuremburg, Boulahrouz caught Ronaldo’s thigh with a high challenge after just seven minutes.

The game went down in World Cup history as one of the most violent matches on record. Portugal won the game 1-0; greatly overshadowed by the ‘questionable’ decisions of referee Valentin Ivanov.

Losing complete control of the game, the Russian ref set a tournament record for cards shown in a single match at a Fifa tournament with four reds and 16 yellows!

The former Chelsea defender was only booked as Ronaldo hobbled off the field before half time, leaving the pitch distraught and wounded – a large gash gaping on his right leg.



Boulahrouz has never apologised to Ronaldo for the foul and has no intention of doing so in the future, having turned down the opportunity to do so at Euro 2012:

“I haven’t spoken to Ronaldo about it since then, but I heard from Edwin van der Sar that he still had a scar one-and-a-half years later,” Bouhlarouz told Helden Magazine.

“In 2012 I saw him at the Euros. Wesley Sneijder was talking to him in the hallway when we had to wait before training.”

“Sneijder called me: ‘Hey Boula!’ and then ‘Hey Cris, look your best friend!’ Ronaldo’s face said it all, ha. I didn’t say sorry, it was water under the bridge at that moment.”


Source: Goal
Source: Goal


Source: Goal
Source: Goal


Ronaldo appears to have bad blood with both Boulahrouz and match official Ivanov after the game in 2006.

“Considering what happened, I don’t think this official should referee any more games in the World Cup,” he said.

“It was clearly an intentional foul to get me injured. It was a really nasty tackle, but this is part of football.

“I am used to getting kicked now but I am unhappy about that one.”