Barcelona Legend Set For Stoke City Switch?

  • Bojan ended transfer rumours by penning a new contract with Stoke City
  • The forward had been linked with some of the Premier League’s ‘big boys’
  • Barcelona legend, Puyol, was at the signing of the new deal

Source: The Guardian
Source: The Guardian

Stoke City’s Twitter account – or any official club’s account, for that matter – isn’t necessarily the first port of call for your daily dose of excitement. However, that all changed yesterday, when the Potters tweeted out the news of Bojan’s new contract.

The news of the striker’s new contract wasn’t the excitement, though – a new deal for a player who has five Premier League goals in 19 appearances this season, is hardly going to get you all…

…no matter how much the Potters faithful want to kid themselves.

What actually sent social media into a bit of a frenzy, was the bizarre appearance of Barcelona legend, Carles Puyol, in Stoke City’s tweet:


Big up to Carles for still donning the ‘I didn’t have time to dry my hair’ wet look?

Rather disappointingly, though, Puyol won’t be making a Football Manager career save-esque move, as the former centre-back has now joined the dark side and become a football agent.

Anyway, as it’s Friday, and you’re just going through the motions in the office, remind yourself at just how bloody good Puyol was!