Why we really wouldn’t want to be Marcus Bent right now

Sharon Wong

Marcus Bent
Source: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

After his long court saga, Marcus Bent has finally pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and affray at Guildfort Crown Court. As a result, the judge clamped down on him with a suspended 12-month prison sentence

Marcus Bent jail
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Things didn’t end too well for the former Everton and Ipswich striker when he called police to report intruders in his Surrey home last September. This whole sorry affair would have gone on innocently enough if the blue boys hadn’t discovered some cocaine lying around at home. And if Bent hadn’t decided to chase the cops around with a meat cleaver and a kitchen knife while high on the white powder.

According to the statement released by police, “Police entered a residential property at around 9:30 pm. Officers were threatened with weapons when at the location and a taser had to be deployed.”

Certainly a situation where there is precious little to excuse. Not to say that Bent’s lawyer Andrew Henley didn’t make a valiant attempt of it. According to Henley, Bent had been self-medicating with the drug but had stopped long before the disastrous raid. “When his professional career ended, he is left with no direction in his life, he is left with a vacuum and in that vacuum issues from his upbringing arise.”

“That is the issue he is trying to address and numb with the use of cocaine.”

We really wonder how Bent is going to cope without these numbing effects when he finally has to deal with the repercussions of his actions. Alongside the suspended prison sentence, he will also have to pay £2,000 in compensation and court fees as well as spend 200 hours on community service with a two-month night-time curfew. A real pity for an ex England-Under-21 International with 500 professional appearances for 15 different clubs.