Van Gaal: You aren’t a ‘real’ Manchester United fan if you aren’t rooting for Memphis

Sharon Wong

Memphis can do it
Source: Getty Images

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For a while, things were looking a bit gloomy for 22-year old Dutchman Memphis Depay. The Manchester United player let Chelsea seize a wayward late ball and brought about the Reds’ third consecutive Premier League defeat. He hasn’t heard the end of it since, having been endlessly pilloried by irate fans on social media. But Louis Van Gaal is not the type of man who lets the Twittersphere tell him how to do his job. Not 24 hours after the fiasco, Memphis was out on the field again at the Under 21 game at Old Trafford, where the Devils beat Norwich City 7-0.

“It was for him a very good match because it raised his confidence,” Van Gaal said, pleased as peaches with his decision, “I have seen the reaction of the fans, and these are the real fans those who are watching the second team, and they were very enthusiastic about him.”

“He had three assists. But all his actions were enthusiastically considered by the fans. It was also good for him and that is why I let him play because I can’t play too many first team players in the second team because I have to cope with a lot of matches we have to play.”

Moral of the story, real fans know to give the new guy a chance.