Disrespectful? We’ve Reached New Levels Of B******t

  • Lionel Messi passed to Luis Suarez from the penalty spot and the Uruguayan slotted home
  • Johan Cruyff and Thierry Henry are previous high profile players who have attempted the move with different levels of success
  • Messi has been accused of being disrespectful by some sections of the footballing world

Source: barcablaugranes
Source: barcablaugranes

People love to be offended.

‘Being offended’ is in fact the fastest rising past time of 2016 behind ‘staying up to date with group chat messages’ and ‘letting everyone know you eat avocado’.


Disrespectful? How an earth can people take that away from that situation?

From a purely footballing standpoint, Messi has made a seemingly easy 1v1 scenario, a lot harder by attempting something so audacious; he’s allowing the Celta Vigo players a chance to react and get back, because if Luis Suarez can get there from the same starting point, then the Celta players just clearly weren’t focused enough.

From a purely ethical and moral standpoint – like they exist in football – Messi & co have been accused of unsportsmanlike behaviour (probably by the type of person who also demands to pay for only what they’ve had when out for a group meal).

Football is full of corruption and all sorts of bullocks that gradually tarnishes the beautiful game we desperately try to cling on to, so, when moments of creative ingenuity occur, we need to appreciate them, enjoy them and remember this is why we still love the game.


…and just enjoy the delights of Neymar, Suarez and Messi because we may not see something so beautifully in sync on a football pitch ever again.

Also, stop telling us you eat avocado.