WATCH: Aaron Ramsey Receives Miracle Healing Treatment After Shocking Tackle


Arsenal vs Leicester was a feisty encounter, understandable when there was so much at stake. 8 yellow cards and a match-changing red were brandished by Martin Atkinson over the course of 90 minutes.

Danny Drinkwater however managed to avoided his name being jotted into the referees book, despite performing undoubtedly, the worst tackle of the match.




Completely over the ball, the Leicester midfielder firmly planted his studs into the Welshman’s calf.


Ramsey 2


Whilst Drinkwater was heavily criticised for his frustrated tackle, Aaron Ramsey has received similar flack for his ‘miraculous’ recovery from what looked initially to be a potentially serious injury.

After Ramsey’s leg break that kept him out of the game for such long periods, many felt that his reaction left a bitter taste:



One moment he’s in crippling agony, the next he’s giving the referee an earful of abuse for not awarding the foul.



Arjen Robben would be proud! Looks like there’s a new contender for this award this season: