Billy Hurley III reevaluates life after some harsh words from his son

Sharon Wong


It’s well-known that Billy Hurley III has had a tough time of it lately. In July last year, the family encountered tragedy when father Willard Hurley Jr. committed suicide after mysteriously going missing for a week. After an ordeal like that, anyone could be forgiven for not being at the top of their game, but it appears that Hurley’s own son is a proponent of tough love. And it seems like his dad’s been pretty receptive to it.

While he’s not a hot young thing like Rickie Fowler or Rory McIlroy, Billy Hurley III’s a pretty respectable golfer in his own right, thank you very much. Not everyone whose served in the Navy for five years has the mettle to make it into the cloistered world of the PGA Tour and make seven top-ten finishes. His son sees all this potential and he’s cracking the whip.

Well done, Billy Hurley… IV?