Police Hunt Footballer After He Kills Referee During Match

  • After receiving a red card, the player shot and killed the referee
  • The incident happened in the Cordoba district of Argentina
  • He also shot another player in the chest but he survived

Source: Mirror
Source: Mirror

It’s just a fucking game, for fuck sake; football should never reach such levels of tragedy.

After the referee, César Flores, brandished a red card – reportedly due to the fact the player floored someone on the opposition team – the player returned to the pitch, having grabbed a gun from his backpack, and opened fire on the ref, hitting him in the head, neck and chest.

This upsetting tale doesn’t end there, though, with another playing being struck in the chest, but thankfully it wasn’t another fatality. However, the gunman remains on the run and is currently being hunted by local police.

The fact someone could take football so seriously is deeply concerning, and a stark reminder to us all that perhaps we’re too invested in the (not so) beautiful game.

Just last month we had:

Source: The Guardian
Source: The Guardian


Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the horrific scenes in Argentina.