WATCH: Arsenal Fans Have Reached New Levels Of Cringe

People who don’t have their train tickets ready when going through the barriers, those pathetic plastic forks you get with your salad and fan channels are easily the most infuriating things out there.

Football fans are dangerous enough when discussing the beautiful game down the local watering hole, let alone when you give them a camera, an audience and a social media platform.

The rise of fan YouTube channels has seen the footballing media platform become more opinionated than ever, but the problem is, a lot of fans seem to confuse their opinion with actually being ignorant arseholes.

Arsenal Fan TV, and Gooners in general, are probably the most infamous when it comes to loving a moan and having a rant, however, the latest viral segment from Arsenal Fan TV sees a rare, positive side to the Gunners faithful.

It’s still cringeworthy as hell, though. And delusional. Oh, it’s so delusional.


Arsenal fans…Credit: ArsenalFanTV

Posted by The SPORT Bible on Tuesday, 16 February 2016

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