The FIFA 17 Leaks Have Started

The girls have had their Valentine’s Day on Sunday, but the lads still have a few months until they can have their special day with their loved one, with FIFA 17 dropping into stores at some point during September – some chaps won’t be afraid to show how much they care and will pre-order their soulmate, just to let them know how besotted you’re.

As usual, the belief is always that the grass is always greener, so no sooner have you had that moment of euphoria with FIFA, you’re already talking about things they need to improve ahead of the next release.

EA Sports have listened to those ‘Your Mum’ rants down the headset at your opponent and are tinkering away with the difficulty levels.


That’s what we expect…

Posted by UNILAD Football on Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Like all these things, it is a work in progress, and the following difficulty levels are still yet to be added.


The 4th placed setting.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter



Hardest setting in the game because it has already been arranged that you lose.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 13.41.54

Manchester United

Addiction to gaming is a huge issue, and usually causes a lack of sleep. Therefore, if gamers cannot drag themselves away from the screen, playing a game on ‘Manchester United’ will soon send them straight to sleep.

Source: Talking Baws
Source: Talking Baws



You’ll rarely win but, when you do, you’ll bloody it.

Source: 101 Great Goals
Source: 101 Great Goals