These Golfers Got Caught Cursing On Camera And It’s F**king Hilarious


Although Tiger Woods may be the most well known golfer to curse on the golf course, there are numerous others who are just as guilty. That includes you and me.

Your ball goes into the water hazard: F*CK

Your approach shot is a flop after a fantastic drive: God F**KING Damn

You 3 putt on a par-3: GOD F**KING DAMN SH*T F**KER

Yeah.. it happens. Now imagine getting caught on camera saying those things. Thankfully for us, some professionals did get caught, leaving us with wonderful clips of hilarious potty mouths.

Ian Poulter: “Sit there, you b*tch!”

Freddie Couples: “God Damn it, all f**king day.”

Skip to 42 seconds in..

Tiger Woods: Everything..

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Jordan Spieth: The opposite of everything..

I added Spieth in here because he has become an amazingly influential golfer these days and a clear role model for younger golfers. Although golf can be frustrating at times, Spieth stays in control and talks to his ball rather than throwing a fit or cursing on live television. It happens to the best of us and Jordan is still young, but I think he’s keeping it classy for now. Also, listening to him talk to his ball is almost as funny as the others cursing.

In addition, here are some Bobby Knight outtakes from a commercial he was filming. He curses enough for all of the professionals put together, and that includes Tiger! Skip through or watch the whole thing, either way it’s hysterical.