Rio Ferdinand Hits Back At Ronaldo’s Manchester United Claims

Rio Ferdinand has laughed off claims from the precious Cristiano Ronaldo that:

“At Manchester United I won the Champions League and I didn’t speak with [Rio] Ferdinand, [Ryan] Giggs or [Paul] Scholes. We said hello to each other and that was it,”

Source: Sportal
Source: Sportal

The former Leeds United centre-back then went on to list several incidences that disprove Ronaldo’s claims that he, Rio, Scholesy and Giggs weren’t the bestest buds in the whole wide world.


Rio recalls a moment where he offered CR7 his last rolo: “I was walking across the car park after a gruelling training session, when Ronny came jogging over in a white jumpsuit. I thought I’d be an absolute chap and offered the bronzed git my last rolo; he then proceeded to do keep-ups with it before catching it in his mouth. I want that rolo back now”

FIFA Sessions

“We’d spend hours playing FIFA together, although it was tedious at the beginning as I had to wait for Ronaldo to recreate himself 17 times on the game, as he insisted on playing with an 18-man squad just made up of himself”


“Whenever I popped to the local shops, I always made a point of asking Ronaldo, as he was my neighbour, if he needed anything. The amount of times I felt like a muppet buying face packs and fake tan for that princess.”

Source: Happy Birthday Cake Pic
Source: Happy Birthday Cake Pic


Fergie Prank

“I remember that Ronaldo pulled this practical joke on Sir Alex, where he replaced all the gaffer’s black socks with brown ones  – yeah, the Portuguese really don’t have a good sense of humour. Fergie was fuming and Ronaldo was shitting himself, so I took the blame for it. Wish I had squealed the prick up, now”.