Ivan Helguera wishes Real Madrid would just get rid of Isco already

Sharon Wong

Source: Getty Images

23-year old Isco has become something of an easy crowd-pleaser since he joined Real Madrid from Malaga in 2013. His style of playing involves a wide array of flashy tricks that add a great deal of spectacle to any game he’s in.

However, his tendency to grandstand has rubbed a few the wrong way and one of these people happens to be Ivan Helguera, Real Madrid’s former defender. Helguera has confessed to finding Isco’s exhibitionist streak inefficient and downright offensive.


“James offers more goal threat and more incisive passing than Isco. Isco doesn’t set up goals, he doesn’t score them, he doesn’t head the ball and he doesn’t win possession.

“He could offer a lot more, but because the Bernabeu applaud him every time he does a trick… The same thing often used to happen with Zinedine Zidane.

“As a defender I’d see him pull off a magnificent piece of skill, but he’d be reveling in it while we were on the counter-attack and one of our other players was free on the other side of the pitch.

“Sometimes you have to pass the ball quickly so the other team doesn’t have time to get into position. That sort of thing is the problem with Isco, and Cristiano and Gareth Bale need quick passes.”

As you can see, Helguera has a huge problem with the way Isco doesn’t just get down to the nitty-gritty of passing and defending without drawing attention to himself. He’s convinced that Madrid cannot afford to keep his fellow Spaniard on board and should look to getting less ostentatious personalities on board.

Despite Helguera’s reservations, Isco’s proved his mettle a few times by netting three goals in 26 appearances for Madrid this season. We suppose that’s a sight better than Javier Mascherano.