Messi finally makes football history with his 300th La Liga goal

Sharon Wong

Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona celebrates his goal, 2-1
Source: Joe Toth/

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After clashing with Sporting Gijon on Wednesday, Messi reached a long-awaited personal milestone by scoring his 300th La Liga goal for Barcelona and the club’s 10,000th goal right after, bringing it to a triple century of coals for the Catalans.

He’s started off 2016 with a bang, scoring 14 goals in 12 games since the year began and has waited 10 years to score this 300th goal. He’d passed up the opportunity to do so by giving Luis Suarez a penalty during Sunday’s match with Celta Vigo, but everything came up Milhouse in spectacular fashion during the Sporting Gijon match. It seems like good things do come to those who wait.


To give you an idea of exactly how remarkable Messi’s scoring average is, we’ll compare it to Cristiano Ronaldo’s. Ronaldo has made 246 La Liga goals and 345 for Los Blancos. Messi’s far eclipsed him with 439 career goals for Barca.

As you’d expect, he’s really top of the class when it comes to being La Liga’s top scorer. His distant second, Cesar Rodriguez, is far behind him by a staggering 111 goals. He’s also made more goals than number three and four combined. All stellar achievements, but being Messi, he’s not going to be content resting on those laurels. Believe it or not, there will always be greater things ahead for the Argentinian wunderkind. Brace yourselves for a future that only gets brighter and brighter.

the future so bright