Time To Save The FA Cup

The FA Cup is starting to feel like those random bits and pieces you still have in your room from your childhood, that you have no need for, but just can’t bring yourself to throw away. They’ve become redundant but remind you of happier and simpler times – Pokemon cards, Stretch Armstrong and Beyblades.

Source: atchuup
Source: atchuup

Like Pokemon, there’s still a place for the FA Cup but you’ve just got to recreate that magic, that enthusiasm and interest. However, in amongst the corporate bullocks , it’s hard and there has to be a conscious effort to put the game ahead of the financial gain.

Stop Sponsorship

Teams have been entering the Emirates FA Cup this year, after the airline became the first title sponsor for England’s oldest cup competition.

The deal begins the ever regular and murky trip down corporate lane, where we eventually reach a point where the various parts that make up the FA Cup trophy have individual sponsors.

No one in their sane mind will refer to the tournament as the Emirates FA Cup, but that’s neither here nor there for the Football Association once they’ve cashed the cheque. But just for once, you wish they’d look at something from the point of view of the person overpaying for a pie and freezing their nuts off, rather than through the eyes of the of the Queen’s head on a £50 note.


Premier League Teams Have To Field Two Homegrown U21s

No one wants to see Hartlepool Town get their arses handed to them by Alexis Sanchez, but watching promising English talent being given a regular opportunity would be a refreshing change. It would also hopefully mean Roy Hodgson would end up with greater options/stop picking Andros Townsend.


Wembley Tickets

90,000 seats. Give them all to fans. Fuck off, you suited pricks.

Home Advantage

When the Premier League boys enter in the third round, make the higher placed team the away side automatically. Sure, the smaller clubs dream of that away day at Old Trafford or the Emirates Stadium but a trip to Wembley in the final sounds a lot more appealing, no doubt.

Give the underdogs the best possible chance!