WATCH: Golfer Nails Albatross; Celebrates Accordingly

  • Jason Gore’s 250-yard approach went straight in the hole for a double eagle on the par 5 18th.
  • The highlight came from day 3 of the the Farmer’s Insurance Open.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.40.47

Brits and AmericansĀ have a few different ways to describe everyday items; waste paper basket (bin), sidewalk (pavement), jelly (jam), you get the picture. Most of the time your choice of word and literal pronunciation is actually pretty reasonable, but there are a few exceptions.

Why do you insist on calling an albatross a double eagle? An eagle is a -2 score, so if you were to say a double eagle surely you mean -4, but no you mean -3? This makes zero sense, period. Besides, an albatross is rare like the event of achieving a 2 on a par 5, so just use that.

Finally, ‘herb’, why on earth do you Frenchify the pronunciation of this word? You wouldn’t say ‘elp’ instead of ‘help’, or ‘ealth’ instead of ‘health’, so why say ‘erb’? What did the ‘h’ ever do to deserve the silent treatment?

Check out this video, please ignore the smug bastard angle of the comedian and remember what Tiger Woods said…

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.24.52

Sorry for the serious digression, back to the golf. Here was Jason Gore’s ALBATROSS during the 3rd round of theĀ Farmer’s Insurance Open.

He could learn a thing or two from Ha Na Jang, her celebration would put the pontiff to shame.