This infographic shows Jordan Spieth is an objectively better golfer than Tiger Woods.

Sharon Wong

The Presidents Cup - Final Round
Source: Chris Condon/PGA Tour

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Maybe Jordan Spieth isn’t quite the household name Tiger Woods is yet, but the numbers are telling a completely different story. It seems that as far as stats go, Spieth is the clear winner between the two. He’s won more majors, made more tour wins and has a lower combined major score than Woods. He’s quite the skilled all-rounder and infographics like this that highlight that definitely give off an impression that there is no real contest.

jordan spieth vs tiger woods

But what really makes a “great” golfer? Is a golfer great because he’s an exceptional player? Because he wins more than the others? Or simply because his reputation precedes him? We wonder if¬†aficionados of the game or far-reaching media networks like ESPN have the final say on a golfer’s inherent worth.