WATCH: Dele Alli Has Previous For Vicious Attacks On The Football Pitch

Last night, Spurs’ title challenge ended with an underwhelming 1-1 draw against a West Bromwich Albion side that had looked so mediocre the following week against north London rivals, Arsenal.

The two main talking points of the game were, of course, Leicester City being three points away from the Premier League crown. However, the above footage of Dele Alli punching – there’s really no need to say ‘appearing to’ – West Brom’s, Claudio Yacob, has tinged the Lilywhites midfielder’s PFA Young Player of the Year award.

The former MK Dons midfielder, for all his moments like this…

…there’s been an underlying and nagging concern that the England international has a short fuse and can be targeted by opposition players.

During Spurs’ Europa League campaign earlier in the season, the 20-year-old, again, assaulted a fellow player in a cowardly way. This time, it was Fiorentina’s, Nemad Tomovic on the receiving end.

Credit to Alli, though, he does demonstrate the cliche British mentality when it comes to having a fight. No Brit really wants a heated exchange, let alone a fight, however, there are a few times where the good ol’ people of the United Kingdom pretend that they do.

In order to pull off the perfect ‘I want a fight but I don’t really’ situation, you must make sure you have your friends nearby to say things such as: “Leave it, mate; he ain’t worth it.”. Next, due to having the safety net of your pals, you must continue to act like you’re looking for some aggro, despite knowing full well you aren’t getting past your friends and towards your (un)intended target.

Be aware, though, if your timing is out, then you will end up in a situation like Tottenham Hotspur’s Dele Alli and looking like a complete and utter cowardly pussy.