Adebayor Just Doesn’t Know When To Shut Up

Emmanuel Adebayor is certainly a rare case when it comes to footballers giving interviews, with the striker one of the more honest and open players out there. However, even though it’s refreshing to hear words that aren’t PR waffle, the former Manchester City striker still doesn’t fully speak his mind.

The Palace forward was asked about his relationship with his former side Tottenham Hotspur, and whether he’d celebrate against them should he score in the FA Cup clash this weekend.



“I play football, why am I not going to celebrate against Tottenham?” Adebayor said. “Today I don’t play for Tottenham.”

Translation: “Thank fuck I don’t play for that lot anymore.”

“Scoring goals is what I do best in my career. If I score against Tottenham, trust me, I’m going to celebrate.”

Translation: “I’m getting my cock out and running over to the Spurs dugout when I score.”

“If I’m on the pitch and I score and I’m not going to celebrate I would rather tell the manager I’m not going to play because what is the point of scoring goals and not celebrating?

Translation: “I do actually need next Saturday off – you think Pardew will let me take it? Footballers are entitled to annual leave, too, yeah?

“For me, apart from having my baby, the best thing is whenever I score my next goal. So if I score against Tottenham, I don’t know why I shouldn’t celebrate.

Translation: “Grabbing a last minute winner over the birth of my child any day.”

“With the club itself, it wasn’t a good relationship with the chairman, Daniel Levy, as he made everything complicated,” Adebayor said. “But at the end of the day, I know where I am from and if you want something, you have to stand strong for it, and I stand strong for what I think.

Translation: “Levy is a prick.”

“My relationship with Pochettino was beautiful. I think we have a very, very good relationship with man-to-man conversations. We always talk and he told me at the time: ‘Emmanuel, I can’t count on you anymore,’ and I understood that. I realised my time at Tottenham was over and I moved on.”

Translation: “Mauricio regularly rejected my advances. That hurt.”

“People might have thought I was going on holiday and taking money from Tottenham [since last September] but I was not,”

Translation: “The birds in Ibiza were out of this world”