LEAKED: Ridiculous Clauses In Manchester United’s Di Maria Deal

Football Leaks have done it again! The whistle-blowing website have revealed the astronomical prices Manchester United would’ve had to pay should Di Maria have returned to La Liga, and more precisely, Barcelona.




The next job for Football Leaks is to find the rest of the Angel deal papers and reveal some of the other absurd things Real Madrid requested within the sale.

If Di Maria talks to Lionel Messi, Manchester United must sacrifice a lamb

If Di Maria says the words Barcelona or Barca, then the Red Devils must allow Florentino Perez a night with Coleen Rooney

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If the Red Devils win a game with Angel playing, then van Gaal must invite the Los Blancos squad round for a Come Dine With Me themed evening

Source: Real Screen
Source: Real Screen


For every goal Angel scores, a zero is knocked off the asking price for David de Gea

Source: Daily Star
Source: Daily Star