Donald Trump’s retweet of Walter Hagen is now biting him in the **s and it’s glorious

Sharon Wong

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Walter Hagen was known to be one of golf’s great personalities, so we can’t blame you for feeling that his memory was sullied when Donald Trump claimed his words as his own on Twitter back in 2013.

However, his appropriation of a golf legend’s words for his own agenda ended up being a choice he would regret making. He ended up becoming the very same individual he intended on skewering when he became second place to Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses. And well, seeing as he did make these borrowed sentiments public domain, the internet did not let him forget it.

Apparently, the Trump was still trying to put a brave face on right after he became the man nobody will remember, to echo his sentiments. In Iowa, he said, “We will go on to win the Republican nomination, and we will go on to beat Hilary or Bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there… We finished second, and I have to say I am just honored.”