Ernie Els Has Made 100% Recovery From Awful Condition

Everyone knows Ernie Els as the golfer with the terrible condition, the yips. 

Feb 02, 2016 12:59

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This is not such a great reputation to have, especially when putting is so important to the game of golf, where every stroke counts, no matter how close you get. It’s not easy being the guy that misses the easiest putts on tour.

Sure enough, Els is desperately trying to make a new name for himself by trying new ways to get the ball in that little asshole that holds the flag stick. Last week in Qatar Els holed every putt from 5 feet and made 100% of the greens in regulation, the only player to do so that week.


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Clearly he is making changes that are working, and created a statistic that is extremely hopeful for his future game. It’s almost as good as Brian Fantana and his sex panther cologne, made from real bits of panther..


Ernie said that he is now trying the technique of having his left-hand lower on the club, hoping this is what he needed to putt better.

“I’m not going to stop. I’m going to get over this by using the cross-handed method and still have fun out there.”

“I still want to prove something to myself. If you’re good, it doesn’t really leave you. You’ve got to prove it to yourself. I think I’m the same as any other golfer of my age, any generation, if you look at from the Lockes to the Peter Thomsons to Gary Players, Arnold Palmers, Jack Nicklaus, to the Seves, Normans. We are all very similar. We want to play until we die, in our minds we’re not done, and I’m not done yet.”

The four time major winner definitely proved himself last week. All he needs now is to keep the momentum up and gain back the confidence to succeed on that Arnie level!