Louis Van Gaal has the cringiest excuse ever for humiliating Midtjylland loss

Sharon Wong

Van Gaal Fate
Source: flipboard.com

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We were feeling pretty bad for Louis Van Gaal after that drubbing the Red Devils took on Danish soil at the hands of relative unknown, Midtjylland. After all, it does terrible things to a man’s self-worth to hear his team hailed as “f***ing s***” by its own irate fans. But at some point, a man’s got to help himself and Van Gaal is doing the opposite of that by coming up with utter tripe when asked to explain Manchester United’s 11th loss.

“It’s the law of Murphy I think,” he offered BT Sport.In other words, he was saying that the universe didn’t want him to win. Murphy’s law basically means that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and Van Gaal was convinced that the powers that be were rooting against the Devils from the start.


“When you start a game and your goalkeeper is number 14 [on the injury list], then you are not starting like usual,” he said in reference to goalkeeper David de Gea, who was injured during a warm-up.

“A lot of things are happening in the heads of the players. The first goal is deflected, it is unbelievable, it is too much.”

He also blamed the weekly games the Reds were playing for affecting their performance. “When you play with another team every week with other players it doesn’t help. It is always possible. We have the chance to beat them at home and we have to do that.”


We have two words for you, Louis. Occupational Hazards. Shit happens and it’s on a manager to teach his team to roll with the punches. A manager on the Premier League level certainly should not be attributing his team’s failures to an entity like Fate. We really hope he gets his act together and exercises free will at some point before the powers that be really do bring the axe down on him.

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