Controversial billboard at Waste Management Phoenix Open dubbed “the opposite of good taste”

Sharon Wong


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At the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the weary men of the PGA Tour is free to let its hair down and run wild. Previously, everyone was satisfied with kegs of beer and dressed-up WAGs, but now, it seems that there is some demand for something a tad more psychedelic. A billboard advocating the legalization of marijuana will reportedly be erected during the week’s tournament.

The billboard reads, “If beer and golf make for the greatest party on the grass… why can’t adults enjoy a safer party on grass?” The organization behind it is the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which plans to raise awareness and signatures to call for Arizona to legalize pot as neighboring Colorado has. As campaign chair J.P. Holyoak says, it’s more of a moral issue than anything else. “This isn’t really a question of ‘Yes, marijuana’ or ‘No, marijuana,’ because it’s already out there, it’s easily available and readily accessible to anybody who wants it. The real choice that we’re making here is do we want to keep criminalizing marijuana, and enriching criminal drug dealers and cartels in that process or are we better off taxing and regulating it for the benefit of public education and healthcare… That’s our real choice.”

We can’t imagine a lot of younger golfers will be too opposed to the ready availability of pot, but there is opposition from rather more traditionalist viewpoints. Arizonans For Responsible Drug policy chair Seth Leibsohn is among the disgruntled voices here. “Using the laudable and charitable Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament as a springboard to publicize a political campaign to legalize marijuana in Arizona is the opposite of good health, good education and good public policy and certainly the opposite of good taste.” Wow, Mr. Leibsohn. Tell us how you really feel.