CANT MISS: Red Bull Turns Lexi Into Bada** Suffragette!

  • Lexi Thompson partners with Red Bull in recent photo shoot
  • The theme is 1904 in honor of the last time golf was in the Olympics

Lexi Thompson looks absolutely stunning in this new photo shoot she did with Red Bull. She poses in early 1900’s inspired clothes and retro golf clubs to match that time period. Red Bull wanted to emulate the era when golf was last in the Olympics, which was 1904.



I mean could she be any more beautiful? Sure, she’s been on covers of other magazines in nothing but a bikini, but this is so elegant and she is emanating radiance.

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“It was a pretty crazy experience getting all dressed up in how they dressed in the early 1900s,” she said. “It’s a lot different than nowadays’ outfits.”

Nowadays, Lexi is clad in her Puma gear, climbing up the LPGA rankings, currently 4th in the world. You go girl!