Alexis Sanchez Isn’t Too Sure About Arsenal

Ahead of Arsenal’s huge Last 16 Champions League clash against Barcelona, Alexis Sanchez has been having his say on the task at hand and about his time with tomorrow night’s opposition.

Like always, the Chilean’s words are a bunch of PR waffle that just scream ‘Ooooo love me. Please love me, Arsenal fans’ but, never fear, we’ve managed to work out what Alexis is really saying!

Source: Mirror
Source: Mirror


“It wasn’t easy to leave ­Barcelona. I fulfilled a dream when I moved there – to play in Spain and for the champions – but very few players stay in the same club all their life. To leave is normal.”

Translation: “I chained myself to Pep’s car and begged him not to sell me; he just laughed and drove off – I had attached myself to Busquet’s car”


“I wanted a new project, a new experience. And with so many attacking players at Barca it was a good choice to go.

Translation: “I knew I had to drop down a level, so Arsenal were ideal.”


“The directors told me clubs were interested. So I think it was a good choice to go to Arsenal, the best choice. It has been a positive move and I love it at Arsenal.”

Translation: “I was asking the directors 24:7 if anyone else had come in for me – honestly, ask them, I even sent them snapchats asking. Eventually, I had to choose the lesser of two evils between Liverpool and Arsenal.”

Source: Metro
Source: Metro

Sanchez then turned his attention to tomorrow night’s task…

“We know it won’t be easy,” he admitted. “He’s the best footballer in the world, without a doubt. It’s very difficult to stop him but we will work on it.

“And remember, Barcelona is not only Leo!”

Translation: “We are going to get fucked lol. They could proba…definitely beat us with just Leo.”


“I’m a professional so any match against Barcelona in the Champions League is special to me. I can’t say what my reaction will be if I score. That depends on the moment.”

Translation: “I’m going to go bat shit crazy; I’m going to do a FIFA celebration – not sure which one yet, but, if it happens at the Nou Camp, it will involve incorporating a massive dump in the centre-circle.”

“But what I can say is that I am grateful to Barcelona for giving me the chance to play in Spain. I won six trophies with them and that is a big influence in any player’s career. But now I am at Arsenal and I want to win for Arsenal.”

Translation: “Fuck Barcelona for selling me; I’ll show them.”