$100,000 For A Set Of Golf Clubs; This Is Becoming A Joke!

  • Bentley have just released a set of golf clubs that could cost the buyer $100,000.
  • The move comes after Parson’s Xtreme Golf entered the market with $5,000 golf clubs.
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Source: Forbes

Meet Bentley and their venture into the luxury sports market, golf’s proverbial dick measuring contest has well and truly begun. It comes after PXG released a set of irons that cost a cool $5,000, as they tried to bring a sense of ‘exclusivity’ to the equipment market that was apparently absent – I know, you find that hard to believe.

Well now that figure has been well and truly dwarfed as Bentley stroll into the shower room and try to make everyone feel inadequate. If you consider the owner of PXG once spent $350,000 on golf clubs in a single year, it’s hard to believe this BS inadaquacy angle hasn’t already been filled.

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They did some research and found that 80% of their customers play golf, not a surprising statistic if you’ve ever seen the parking lot of an exclusive country club. Pair that with a quick audit of your patron’s spending habits – a penchant for not caring about the value of money – and you have a potential money maker just waiting to be unlocked.

The clubs come to a ‘standard’ $5,000, which merely scratches the surface of the total cost.

Golf digest states: “There are options like grips made from alligator skin and $800 ball markers.” 

But wait that’s not it, “Seven Dreamers, a company based in Japan, specializes in high-end materials for golf shafts. The most expensive offering, made with materials commonly found in space technology and satellites, can cost $120,000 alone,” so you can see, an affiliation with this brand will make these clubs the most expensive in the world.

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Source: Sevendreamers.com

Some of the blurb that appears on their website is laughably technical; “We use a metal with a high coefficient of thermal expansion for the inner shells, and a metal with a low coefficient of thermal expansion for the outer shell. The inner and outer shells are built one by one in line with the design tailored to each customer.” Well duh!

Maybe just stick to luxury cars, yeah!

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Source: Top Gear