Watch: You Have To See This Albatross/Ace To Believe It!

  • Richard Green made freaky albatross/ace last year
  • Ha Na Jang made the first ever albatross/ace in LPGA history
Feb 03, 2016 09:38
thanking the golf gods


The Oates Vic Open is a tournament associated with the PGA Tour of Australia. Although you may not know the tournament, or Richard Green, you will surely remember this shot once you’ve seen it.

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Richard Green, the producer of this incredible and freakish shot, went on to win the tournament last year. Which clearly makes sense because luck or just plain ol’ God was on his side that day. Green shot his first ever albatross that day on a par-4 with a hole-in-one. Not just any ace though, this ball looks like it goes into the green side bunker, pops out, and then bashes right into the hole. Wild stuff.

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This year Ha Na Jang made LPGA history by doing the same thing, with a little less freak, and a little more style. She is the only woman to make an albatross/ace hybrid, which is pretty awesome.

Pure silk, Jang.