Super Bowl Player’s Brother Disgraces Family By Choosing Golf Over Football

  • The Heuerman football legacy is making a turn towards golf
  • Having well known names join the sport will only help the game

You might recognize the last name Heuerman when you think about football. That’s because Jeff Heuerman was a tight end for the successful Ohio State team, and is now a tight end for the Denver Bronco’s. Yes, the same team that is going to the Super Bowl this year!

Matt Heuerman is this pro’s kid brother, who was recently offered multiple football scholarships from different colleges. Although football is in his blood (his other brother is playing for Notre Dame), Matt has a different vision for himself. He wants to bring the family name into the realm of golf, rather than football, this time around.

“I’ve always kept golf in the back of my mind,” Heuerman told USA Today. “Now it’s Plan A.”


So why the sudden change in career path? Although either way we’re rooting for this guy to succeed. Any known name joining the game can only do good for the sport.

“It wasn’t really a fear of getting injured,” Heuerman said. “I know that comes with playing the game. But I know there’s a time limit on football. I can play golf as long as I want.”

USA Today
USA Today


SO TRUE. Golf is a lifetime sport, even Ernie Els recently announced that he’s not finished and plans to keep going for as long as he can. Matt has also started working with a pro who says he can crush the ball over 300 yards and says he is showing promising advances (look out Rory)! Even though he hasn’t played competitively in a while, he is only letting that fuel his desire to play further.

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“I feel that if I put in as many hours as I did into football I’ll continue to improve and get one step better each day,” Heuerman said. “I’m excited to see where this takes me.”

may the odds be ever in his favor