Suarez’s fatal mistake almost ruins Barca before match with Arsenal

Sharon Wong


This would be the worst case scenario for any traveller. You get to the airport a couple of hours early, head to the counter to check in your bag and they ask for your passport. You reach into the pocket you knew you slipped it into, only to realize it simply isn’t there. We can only imagine Luis Suarez experienced that familiar moment of stomach-dropping dread when he arrived at Barcelona airport without his passport on Monday morning.


Barca was making its way ahead of time to the match with Arsenal at the Emirates stadium on Tuesday evening when Suarez discovered his regrettable faux pas. But unlike the rest of us poor sods, Suarez happens to be a world-class footballer with certain privileges. The club promptly sent an official back to his home to fetch his passport for him and he managed to make the flight on time.

The whole affair could have been a major advantage for Arsenal. Luis Suarez is a man to be feared on the pitch, having already made 41 goals in 37 games this season. Perhaps after this close call, Suarez will have a club official pack his bag for him too, just in case.