Thierry Henry gives Barca the secret to destroying Arsenal

Sharon Wong


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Playing for two rival teams makes you something of a dangerous character. Thierry Henry happens to be one of these dynamite figures, having played for both Arsenal and Barcelona. And he’s just spilled the beans to Barcelona on how to thoroughly slaughter Arsenal at the Tuesday evening match: eliminate Mesut Ozil.

Source: Getty Images

According to Henry, Arsenal will be “practically dead” if Barcelona can neutralise the threat that is Ozil. The German player has had quite a plush season, remaining on top of the Premier League assists charts and well on the way to potentially breaking Henry’s record of 20 in a season. Perhaps Thierry Henry is preemptively protecting his own turf?


“Ozil is incredible, he has a ton of assists. He is playing very, very, very well, as he used to at Madrid. After two very difficult seasons he’s doing very well. If you can stop Ozil, Arsenal are practically dead.”

Barcelona might find itself wishing it had thought to make Ozil’s passport disappear, after Suarez’s lapse at the airport this morning.