Zach Johnson publicly shames Jim Harbaugh for stringing an Iowan football player along

Sharon Wong


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Zach Johnson may be a golfer, but he takes National Signing Day for football very seriously indeed. A devoted fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes, he became incensed when the University of Michigan shilly-shallied over recruiting an Iowan and only took him on at the very eleventh hour. The tweet expressing his displeasure has since been taken down, but it’s evident that he took Michigan’s reluctance to take on the young man very personally indeed.


It’s clear who he’s referring to when he mentions “Khakis”. The man behind the team’s big decisions is Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh, a spirited individual who has been making recruiting a much harder business for all the Big Ten football teams since 2014. Also, the Wolverines are the Hawkeyes’ biggest rivals and only seem to be going from strength to strength. The Wolverines are now ranked at number 7 in’s rankings and are likely to rise even higher if top talent Rashan Gary joins their ranks.

Meanwhile, the Hawkeyes only come in at number 41 on However, the story ends with quite the silver lining. The Iowan recruit whom Michigan kept waiting, three-star offensive lineman Alaric Jackson, ended up committing to the Hawkeyes instead. How does it feel rejecting the overtures of powerful people? Quite good, we imagine.