Is This The Best Ever Arsenal And Barcelona Combined XI?

No place for Hleb??! What changes would you make? #Arsenal #Barcelona

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Not a bad team, at all. In fact, you’d struggle to put together another XI that would be capable of even running this side close. However, football is a game based around opinions, and, rather frustratingly, everyone feels the need for their one to be heard.

So here goes…

Carles Puyol

Not to include the definition of a world-class centre-back is just baffling; Puyol represented everything you’d want in a team-mate, a captain and a defender. The ultimate pro.

Replace: Pique.


Sol Campbell

Mr Arsenal himself, Tony Adams, certainly always deserves to be considered for such an XI. However, Campbell had all the attributes of his fellow countryman plus the skills that Adams lacked. A partnership with Puyol would’ve been a delight.


Ashley Cole

Eric Abidal is certainly a worthwhile choice, especially considering the strength he showed in his battles with cancer. And then to return to the top of the beautiful game and maintain his high level of performances. However, Ashley Cole, or even Jordi Alba, would get the nod for their attacking intent, but only just.




After Messi, the Brazilian should’ve been the second name on the team-sheet! Drop Iniesta back to Xavi’s spot and then bring in the former Paris Saint-Germain delight.