Ronaldo Has Revealed His Next Career Move

Cristiano Ronaldo told Sacoor Brothers. “I would like to learn being surrounded by good actors because only then will I learn since it is an area I do not control because it has nothing to do with football,”

“Why not? It’s not my goal at the moment, but I have had some invitations.”

Your wish is our command, CR7.

Hangover 4

The superstar goes on a #lads holiday to Monaco with Sergio Ramos, Anderson, Darren Fletcher and Pepe.

CR7 wakes unable to remember any of the #freshbanter that had been dished out, Darren Fletcher handcuffed to a fire hydrant, Sergio Ramos with a mohawk, whilst Pepe is fighting Khaleesi’s dragon (it’s actually a towel, but Ronaldo is too scared to tell his Real Madrid team-mate otherwise).

Source: Quotesgram
Source: Quotesgram


Ronaldo: The Sequel

Here are a handful of the reviews:

“If the first Ronaldo film didn’t put you to sleep, this one definitely will.”

“Wouldn’t even use the disc as a coaster.”

“I felt like I was getting ill watching it”


Hunger Games

Messi and Ronaldo are the final two tributes left in the arena. Who will win and ultimately be crowned the world’s best footballer?

Source: Play Buzz
Source: Play Buzz


Sophie’s Choice

Ronaldo puts on an Oscar-winning and emotionally moving performance as a man who must make the awful decision as to whether to live without hair products or fake tan. Captivating stuff.

Source: The Mirror
Source: The Mirror